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Explore bitcoin charts and graphs, including the market price, the number of bitcoins in circulation, mining information and more.As for grading, the Lincoln cents appear to be in Extremely Fine-40 to About Uncirculated-50 grade, and the Jefferson nickel looks to grade around Very Fine-20.I saw this on the referenced article about the 1999 penny and am now curious to see if these could be those similar clash marks.

Historical Gold Prices Over 200 years of historical annual Gold Prices Historical Annual Closing Gold Prices Since 1792. and palladium in coin and bullion form,.I found a 1955 that looked a little different and as it is know for severe doubling I think that this coin has a different doubling that normal.Unless they are heavily worn or have significant damage like scratches, spots, or stains, these coins command high premium values and must be treated with care.Hi Joshua thanks, well i looked again and it doesnt appeard to be doubling on the majority of the letters and only on some here are a few msore pics.

The 1946 Lincoln cent is worth 3 to 5 cents and the 1972 cent is worth 2 cents for its copper value.The 1980 Lincoln cent is worth about 2 cents due to its copper value.Enter the total quantity of pennies for each type of Canadian penny in the entire coin lot.Actually, all Lincoln cents made before 1982 are worth more than face value (2 cents) due to their copper value.

Here at The Fun Times Guide, we focus mainly on U.S. coins and thus I may not be of too much help with several of the issues you listed.I have been collecting coins for fun for several years now and have several with errors.

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All but the 1962-D cent is worth face value because those pieces are worn.

I am an amateur collector and I keep all kinds of coins that I find interesting.Of these coins, the only one that seems to have any value is the 1958-D Lincoln cent.I know for a fact the face of Washington, and Jefferson along with a extra Lincoln face are on this coin.

The 1967 Roosevelt dime is worth face value if it is worn, but the 1970-S Lincoln cent might be more valuable if it is a small date coin.It appears to be uncirculated and, if so, is worth about 10 cents in this condition.You have Morgan silver dollars, which were minted from 1878 through 1921.All the Lincoln wheat cents you mention are worth 3 to 5 cents each in typical worn condition, while Mint State 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial cents are worth around 10 cents each in standard uncirculated condition.

Connaisseurs of British copper track all sorts of minor variations, varieties and departures from the regular strikes, and some of these command strong numismatic premiums.I have a 1943 steel penny error can u please check it for me and tell me what to do with it thanks.Reading Japanese Numbers and Dates. or Akihito), so coins minted that year. and 10. but im still confused on it. how much is the coin value and.

Historical silver prices are included in the following charts and graphs.For a small fee, he will evaluate any U.S. coins that contain interesting design issues.You have a 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial cent — 1 of four different designs made during that year to honor the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.On the top of the back of the coin.and here are some new ones.My gratitude for all your husband does for our country — and your support of him.

In fact, all pre-1982 Lincoln Memorial cents are worth about two cents due to their copper content.Hi Josh I have over 400 something coins nd I would like the now the values.If you do happen to find a scarce date using Nic-A-Date it coul be worth much more.This piece has some post-mint damage and is worth face value.Both your 1937 and 1946 Lincoln wheat cents represent typical, worn examples.This is normal on all Roosevelt dimes made for circulation since 1965.

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